Art Director / Graphic Designer

I have been creating and collaborating in the wide worlds of design, marketing, and advertising for 20 years. Every day is new and I am still excited by the work.

I’m known for my fun process, stylish, effective designs, and focused strategies. I work both remotely and in-house as a seamless part of any team.

My goal is to inspire clients with beautiful designs and innovative ideas to help them feel polished and empowered.

If you need someone to solve creative problems, collaborate with, launch a business, or take your existing business to the next level, please contact me.


Branding / Art Direction / Graphic Design / Advertising / Web Design + Production / Social Media Marketing / Motion Graphics + Animation / Commercial Art + Illustration / Full Service Production / Creative Consultation / Research


I love connecting with talented people and singing their praises. I bring together stylists, printers, photographers, media planners, programmers, illustrators, copywriters, craftspeople and artists that complement my own design skills to offer my clients a unique resource for their branding and design needs.


I am an advocate and mentor for other creatives. I am happy to share my knowledge and support. If you have a design or industry question, please contact me.


I donate my time and services to a few pro bono projects per year. Please submit a request to be considered.

MY TOP TEN (In no particular order):

  1. Less is more.

  2. Empower those around you.

  3. If it's not fun or meaningful don't do it.

  4. It's never too late to ______________.

  5. Share your knowledge, there's room for everyone to shine.

  6. Relax. Creating a brand should be fun.

  7. Black is the new black.

  8. Have a dog in your office (or a cat, or a bird, or a pocket pig).

  9. Listen.

  10. Don't work for assholes. But if you must work for assholes, lead by example and don't be one.